My name is Patch Drury and I’m a re-invention specialist.  I help Gen-Xers navigate mid-life successfully by re-inventing themselves.

The Center Can Not HOld

Mid-life is hard.  To paraphrase Einstein, the stuff that got you this far, won’t get you any farther.  We spend our firs 40 years achieving, building, creating, striving.  But what about the second 40?  The second half of life?  The same creating doesn’t seem to fulfill us.  We feel like a different person, in some ways.  Our job no longer inspires us, our family no longer understand us, and life just seems like… well, like it doesn’t fit.  To try and fix it, you can double down on what used to work.  You can try harder at work and at home.  Or, maybe you can blow up your old life and try to pick yourself up from the rubble.  OR, you can re-invent yourself.

The CDR Method

I didn’t invent the CDR Method, I just coined the term.  It, is actually thousands of years old.  It can be seen in mythology, religions, nature, and almost every aspect of life – yet, when it comes to harnessing it’s power to re-invent ourselves in mid-life, it remains elusive to most.  But I can teach you to use it.  I can teach you to deconstruct your current, ineffective self, and rebuild yourself as someone who’s capable of making the

second half of life, the best half.  All you gotta do


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